Career in Journalism in India

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  • Post published:August 4, 2021
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There are several wonderful career options to explore, but only a few of them are attractive enough to attract many students towards a career in journalism. A career in journalism in India can prove to be one of the most worthwhile choices for prospective students to follow. This is because of its rich tradition of nurturing talent and dedication. It also offers a wide range of opportunities that are not available in other fields. Thus, a career in journalism in India proves to be a wise decision for anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in journalism or who has a knack for this particular field.

How can I start my career in journalism?

The first step towards a career in journalism is to clear a bachelor’s degree. Generally, the bachelor’s degree in journalism is a two-year program offered by various universities in India. Most universities have strong programs in communications and feature writing, as part of their bachelor’s programs in journalism. The communications course in a four-year college provides valuable training for journalists.

After clearing the bachelor’s degree course in journalism, candidates are eligible for placement. Usually, the first batch of jobs in journalism is reserved for the fresher when he or she approaches his or her first postgraduate job after having completed the bachelor’s degree. It is possible to get jobs in newspapers, magazines, radio or television companies, news agencies, news desks, or online publications. Most journalists work for many magazines or newspapers at one go. Thus, it is important to clear the entrance test of these institutions to increase the chances of getting better jobs.

Many universities in India also offer master’s degrees in journalism courses. This proves advantageous to those who want to take a specialization in a specific area of journalism. A doctorate is also common in many organizations, especially in business, where professionals have to have a doctorate in a particular domain to enhance their expertise. It is also common for students who wish to begin their career in journalism with an internship in a renowned organization to get a bachelor’s degree as well as a master’s degree in that field.

Communication courses in India provide additional advantages to those looking to break into the mass communication industry in India. Since India is a large country, there are many options available to choose from. A career in mass communication can include media management, advertising, media sales and marketing, news reporting, and sports journalism. There are also more specialized journalism careers like police reporting, broadcast journalism, TV journalism, radio journalism, book publishing, magazine journalism, movie journalism, video journalism, and web media.

In the field of communications, you can pursue a degree in Journalism or Mass Communication if you are pursuing a degree in any of the aforementioned disciplines. You may also choose to take up a course in communication technology. With an aim to be a journalist, many people opt for journalism courses in India that provide sufficient knowledge on the journalism processes.

Skill for Journalism Jobs.

The need for skilled and knowledgeable news reporters is prevalent in India. This is because most of the population is fascinated by the Indian subcontinent’s rich and diverse range of languages. For this reason, mass communication skills are extremely helpful in breaking news in India. In addition, other international standard business journalism courses also prepare students for an entry-level position in India’s corporate world. If you also wish to work in this particular field, you can pursue journalism degrees in India or in any other country that has a comparable market.

With proper training and the right connections, you can easily land a job as a professional journalist in India. But do not forget to equip yourself with relevant knowledge on all aspects of the media industry before embarking on a career. Also, read newspapers and magazines on a regular basis to keep yourself updated on India’s hottest trends. These basic tips will help you better navigate your way through the crowded job market.