Career In Chartered Accountant In India

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  • Post published:August 2, 2021
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The career as a chartered accountant in India is both lucrative and challenging. You can choose between the two. While making a career as a chartered accountant in India, you are not only rewarded financially but also have immense fun and responsibilities. You can work in some of the leading multinational companies, accountants, corporate houses, and even in the government.

Is there any scope for CA in India?

There are many different career choices for you. A chartered accountant in India can be a corporate manager, a business analyst, a finance professor, and even a financial adviser. Chartered accountants in India perform audits, corporate finance, income taxes, customs, and other internal accounting matters. As you progress in your career as a chartered accountant in India, you can also explore various new areas.

Requirement to become CA in India?

Getting into any career in India requires excellent educational qualifications along with solid experience. There are many institutes and universities that offer courses on finance, taxation, management, accounting, and other related subjects. A course in accounting or any other subject gives you an edge over other applicants. In order to get into the right course or degree program, you need to maintain your CPA and MBA status.

Courses in public accountancy like accountancy, estate, travel, realty, public health, corporate restructuring, cost accounting, etc are available. After completing the course, you become eligible for a job as a chartered accountant in India. However, there are many more courses that you can take up to enhance your career as a chartered accountant in India. After completing the education curriculum for chartered accountants in India, you can get jobs in public accountancy firms, corporate headquarters, investment banking, etc.

Which job is best in CA?

As a chartered accountant in India, you have a variety of options available to you. You can choose to work independently or with a firm. With your degree, you can also become a business consultant, manager, or operations executive. You can be a management consultant or financial consultant. As a member of the ICA (International Association of Accountants), you can become a certified public accountant or IFA (informal financial advisor).

When you study in a chartered accountant school or at any other such institute, you will be given the opportunity to choose your area of specialization. You may want to specialize in international business taxation, corporate restructuring, expense management, fund risk management, tax minimization, etc. A degree in tax analysis will make you an excellent chartered accountant in India. Since the Indian market is so small, most of the companies will not require you to complete a four-year degree. Thus a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or MBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) degree makes you eligible for advancement in the corporate ladder.

After you have gained a four-year degree in accounting or MBA, you can opt for a Master of Business Administration in order to gain a management consulting certification. The two-year program in business administration consists of core courses in global management, project management, finance, and accounting. You may also opt for a one-year program on management consulting. One of the major subjects covered in this course is public accounting. It is important to note that management consulting courses are not meant for all students.

Is CA a good career in future?

There are also many professional organizations that help people looking for a career as chartered accountants in India. These organizations have placement desks where professionals can apply for jobs. Many of these organizations also have placement schemes that match employees with employers. The placement scheme helps an employee find a suitable career in the industry without much effort.

These companies will conduct a comprehensive interview session, after which they will send your resume to various employers. There are several multinational companies that are on the lookout for chartered accountants. They also conduct training sessions for the employees on a regular basis. These courses are designed to improve the skills that are required in this field. Graduates who successfully complete these programs can expect a good career in the industry.

Is CA a stressful job?

Another option for you if you are interested in a career as a chartered accountant in India is to get an education from any reputed educational institution in India. The courses generally last a year and you will receive a degree or diploma in accounting. However, you will have to successfully pass an entrance exam before gaining admission into an MBA program. You can also go for a one-year program at a community college to earn an accounting degree. These courses are good for those who are already working in an accounting firm or someone is looking to begin a career in the field. The only downside of these courses is that there is no financial aid available for the students.

Getting the education you want is the best way to start a career as a chartered accountant in India. If you study online, you can even earn more credits and be eligible for better salary packages. So, take your decision very carefully and make your future right.